Three Best Ways To Managing Your IT Staff

When we think of “IT guy’s” we think clever, ambitious, and analytical in nature.

IT guys and technician’s problem solve, fix broken code, and program applications. They repair email servers, secure databases, and install Microsoft 365 licenses.

They’re valued in times of trouble, and they tend to be peculiar in nature. They can be difficult communicators, and at times they’ll drive you downright crazy.

So, how do you manage your IT staff? How can you create a culture of efficiency and support your IT team?

Understand they want to help.

Wanting to help is the nature of IT technicians’ personalities and the role itself.

At the end of the day, they love solving your IT problems. From email issues and hardware hassles to software struggles or snags with your remote monitoring applications, they just want to work to fix your staff’s IT annoyances.

Some might do their tasks begrudgingly, but most love what they do.

When you’re developing your game plan for how to manage and build an IT team, you need to understand this one truth: Your IT team, whether internal or outsourced, desires to help.

Treat them with respect.

Often times, your IT staff does not get respect.

Many people tend to talk down to IT guys because of their natural tendency of conflict avoidance. They fear sticking up for themselves, and this can affect how others treat them.

Help them by building their confidence. Help them grow by treating them with the utmost respect. No one likes it when their email goes down, and we all certainly hate it when we have technology issues. Couple these frustrations with an IT person who feels a lack of respect and you’ll have more struggles than you bargained for.

One of the things we’ve found to be helpful when managing your IT team is utilizing a strengths finder assessment.

There are some great ones out there, like DISC and Myers Briggs. Use these to help you understand your team and also determine what motivates them.

Get to know them.

Just like with any other coworker inside your company, they all have interests, hurts, wounds, and things they’re passionate about. Often times, because IT guys aren’t the most social, people tend to keep clear of them unless they need something.

The result is an IT person that few people know much about.

Whether you work with an IT guy as a colleague, or you manage one as an IT Director, it’s your job to serve them and get to know them as they do you. Figure out what they like outside of work, why they got into the profession of IT and what their passions are.

Maybe they’re Harley enthusiasts, or they love to travel. The bottom line: Get to know them. Learn about them so that you can build a solid working relationship that’s cohesive and productive.

Get to know us.

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