Get rid of your unproductive outsourced IT firm once and for all

Technology for healthcare is its own IT-animal. Terms like EMR implementation, ERP integration, Electronic Health Record software, EMR reporting, and eClinicalWorks, dominate the medical landscape.

The healthcare and medical industry have very unique needs in terms of IT assistance.

Patient privacy, medical records billing and revenue cycles are important aspects to understand when choosing an outsourced IT provider to help offset specific tasks for your internal IT team.

Your healthcare organization needs to know that when you choose an IT provider, they can help you focus on HIPAA compliance, keep your hospital or clinic operating efficiently so your medical facility can continue to positively impact your revenue and medical billing.

digiSYNC works with hospitals and offers the following services to healthcare organizations:

  • Managed services
  • Remote desktop management
  • IT consulting
  • VoIP
  • Cloud Services
  • Corporate email and spam protection
  • Hosted solutions
  • Microsoft 365

Does your hospital, clinic or dental office need IT that understands healthcare? Look no further.

If you work in the healthcare and medical industry, and are looking for help with your IT infrastructure, we would love to help.

Our commitment to your organization is to eliminate IT hassles, arm your medical facility with the latest tools to keep you operating smoothly, while solving your technology issues.

Find Better Medical IT Support.