digiHOSTING - Colocation Hosting - digiSYNC Technology SolutionsYour company needs solid connectivity, for all of your on-demand applications. This is what we call, a non-negotiable. Non-negotiables are things that should be expected. No one likes to wait for data that is sent over a small pipeline or low-bandwidth. digiSYNC ensures a consistent and secure colocation hosting service, which can accommodate a wide variety of applications and systems.

digiSYNC’s connectivity from the network to all of our carriers is via fiber, it is fast and we offer flexibility in our solutions, which are sophisticated turn-key web based server solutions. DigiSYNC also monitors your system services to keep them running smoothly. You will always find the best solution with us, as DigiSYNC’s IT consulting services can help you architect the perfect fix, that is secure, and one which provides a solid backup plan.

Your business needs consistency and reliability from your network services, and that is our goal as well. We have many years of experience that help us support that goal. Uptime is important as well, as is designing an IT network which accomplishes your goals. Bandwidth is rarely an issue with digiSYNC’s connections to our peers and backbone providers, which establish direct fiber connections. That commitment to bandwidth is what helps your business or organization avoid typical IT headaches, like slow speeds and long wait times.

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