Now you can create great entertainment and have solid technology to support the creativity.

As a professional in the entertainment industry, you need to rely on innovative technology to stay ahead of your competition.

Innovative technology that allows your movie studio or production company to produce an entertainment experience that attracts and engages consumers.

In order to do that, your entertainment IT support team needs to be rock-solid in the approach and delivery of all things related to your technology infrastructure.

We have even worked with Disney.

As an IT firm that specializes in serving the entertainment industry, we understand your problems may be more important than your IT foundation.

Problems like falling DVD sales, how to engage newer/younger audiences with quality productions, finding high-caliber talent, and working with some of the highest paid actors.

With digiSYNC’s working experience of the entertainment vertical, we ensure you will be able to keep your costs low, while maintaining the latest technology trends, allowing you to focus on creating entertainment masterpieces.

digiSYNC is conveniently located in Los Angeles, and can help your entertainment team through managed service packages like:

  • Remote site and desktop management
  • VoIP
  • IT consulting
  • Cloud and hosting services
  • Corporate email and spam protection
  • Microsoft 365

Make the IT nightmares go away.

If you work in the entertainment industry and have technology issues that need to be fixed, digiSYNC understands and can help.

Our commitment to your entertainment business is to eliminate IT hassles before you have them, then equip you with the best tools to keep you running smoothly, while being proactive to solve your IT issues.

Do you have a business in the entertainment industry that could use help with IT?